IQ Medical Coronavirus/Covid-19

 iQ Medical are an ethical healthcare company. We have a responsibility to ensure that during this
difficult time of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak we have contingency plans in place.
This is to provide the confidence that we will continue to offer a reliable, supported and
high quality service, and to minimise any potential risk.

 iQ Medical have an updated business continuity plan in place to which all are staff are familiar
with and have received training.

  The iQ Medical continuity plan includes:

• Promoting and maintaining good hygiene practices, with alcohol hand gel available
throughout our offices and all field-based staff have been informed that it is mandatory
to carry this with them at all times.

 • We have reduced the number of external people visiting our buildings where possible.

 • Aware of and will follow current government advice regarding self-isolation and contact
with organisations depending on symptoms.

 • We continue to provide a normal and reliable service and have the assurance from the
authorities that there is no health risk from imported goods for outside of the UK.
iQ Medical will continue to monitor the Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation.

Please be assured that the Business Continuity Plan will be adjusted and amended as required.

If any further information is required please contact our Head office on 01788 833989.