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Support caregivers and patients can rely on

Trusted provider of therapeutic support surfaces to acute hospitals and community loan stores

With a highly effective and reliable product range IQ Medicals clinically proven product range meet the needs of caregivers and patients in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. The findings of a multisite evaluation found that 91.7% of users strongly agreed with the product performance and that positive patient outcomes were achieved.

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Clinical Evidence

iQ Medical has an on-going programme of clinical evaluations and product assessment throughout the UK.
A number of downloads are available of completed studies, that demonstrate our products' performance and effectiveness.


We Offer Medical Courses, Training and Tutorials

Training and Education

IQ Medical understand how important training and education is to our customers. We can tailor training to meet individual needs as well as providing resources that you can access here such as product training videos, educational content around pressure injuries and knowledge assessments.


Bespoke training can be arranged and delivered to support customers who have invested in our products.

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