IQ Medical’s Core II Hybrid FoC (FOAM-OVER-CELL) is a dynamic alternating mattress replacement system combining high specification Static foam technology layered over powered, alternating air cells. The mattress system can be used in two modes, static mode without the need for a power unit providing protection to patients at risk of developing a pressure injury or in dynamic alternating mode by simply adding the power unit when a higher level of treatment is required for those considered to be up to Very High Risk without any disruption to the patient. Both modes provide pressure redistribution minimising high peak pressures under vulnerable areas of the patients skin.


The  Core II Hybrid FoC can accommodate patients assessed to be up to very high risk of developing pressure injuries or have existing tissue damage up to category IV.

Product Features and Benefits


Two modes non-powered and powered enabling caregivers to step patients up and down without the need to transfer onto an alternative surface ensuring that the appropriate therapy is given without interruption to the patient, saving caregiver time as well cost savings to the care provider.


Whisper quiet power unit minimising patient disruption


Fully automatic power unit for ease of use, simplifying set up, minimising user error and time required for training


3 specifically designed foam sections for head, body and heels, for maximum pressure re-distribution ,comfortable and stable support surface for the patient, whilst delivering highly effective pressure injury prevention


Flexi-Foam edges for ease of use on profiling beds


Easy to clean and decontaminate supporting infection control needs


Troubleshooting guide on power unit enabling caregivers to rectify issues quickly and easily


Available cushion connecting to Core II Hybrid power unit providing 24hr care


Reliable, high-quality manufacture with comprehensive warranty provide cost savings and reduced down time

iQ Medical Core II Hybrid foc Specification

Core™ Hybrid FoC System Core™ Hybrid Bariatric FoC
Risk Category Very High Very High
Max User Weight (Powered) 250kg 380kg
Cells 10 10
Cell Cycle 1 in 2 (10 minutes) 1 in 2 (10 minutes)
Foam Over Cell (FoC)
Foam in Cell (FiC) X X
Width (mm) 900 1200
Length (mm) 2000 2000
Depth (mm) 150 200
Weight of Mattress 14.0kg 19.0kg
Weight of Pump 1.7kg 1.7kg
Fault Alarm
Power Failure Alarm
Easy Grip Handles Optional Optional
Cable Management Optional Optional
CPR Emergency Deflation (Pump)
Multi-stretch, vapour permeable high comfort cover
Profiling ‘flexi-foam’ edges
Specifically designed foam sections for the head, body and feet


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