Our latest feedback from our customers…

We know the importance of customers receiving a great positive experience. Here at iQ Medical we pride ourselves on the services we do for our customers. 

We approach customer feedback by:

✅ Know and understand our customers and their expectations

✅ Make sure our team show positive service behaviours to meet and exceed our customers expectations

✅ Provide excellent customer service consistently

✅ Understanding that every time a customer interacts with us, they will form an opinion of us and our service.

✅  Don’t take our customers for granted

✅  Be reactive – we take action on any customer suggestions for improvements on any of our products.

✅  We know that feedback can help us grow into a better business to suit our customer needs!

We’ve included some recent feedback from our customers here:

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IQ Medical will be introducing a new Static Air Mattress into our portfolio of Pressure Relieving Systems soon.

The system will be a combination of air displacement technology with high density castellated foam sections for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. The valve system will adjust to the surface weight and movement.

Due to the increasing costs in energy, some patients are becoming increasingly concerned about using anything that has a plug on it. We know from conducting tests that our Dynamic systems use a minimal amount of electricity, however we feel this new addition will address patient concern and provide an excellent alternative for this cohort of patients. This will also reduce the demands of PAT Testing  and servicing on EBME Departments.

We wanted to ensure that we get it right first time by incorporating only the features that both the patient and caregivers need. We are currently working with a focus group consisting of OTs, Tissue Viability Nurses, Community Loan Stores and patients. Focus feedback concurred that the most expensive systems have too many bells and whistles and are therefore too complicated to use. We are very grateful for their valuable input.

This system is ideal for both the community and acute settings.

Image of a kettle and iq medical product


IQ Medical Products help save on costs for patients / service users

With rising energy costs being of utmost importance, IQ Medical manufacture ultra low energy efficient products to help save on your costs. We have calculated the daily cost for using both the Star II and Comet II costs less to operate for 24 hours than it costs to boil a kettle! We hope this information installs confidence in the service user.

The main reason for the low costs is due to the fact that the pump has two compressors which are not running all the time. They only run during a cycle change or if it senses a change in pressure due to patient movement/repositioning. This effectively means the running time costs for the Star II/Comet II are 1p for any 24 hour period.

Michelle Deeth

IQ Medical Ltd is closed on Tuesday 24th May 2022

IQ Medical Ltd is closed on Tuesday 24th May 2022 in order that staff may pay their respects or attend the funeral of Michelle Deeth.

It was with deep sadness that we heard of the death of Michelle.

Michelle was a founder and Director of IQ Medical and latterly Head of Clinical Affairs.

Michelles lifelong dedication to Tissue Viability Nursing and contribution to IQ Medical LTD acknowledged a beautiful soul.  Kind, caring, funny, Michelle was always there to help and care for other people. 

Missed by Dean and all her colleagues who held her in such high regard.

So sad you have left us Michelle. Rest in peace now.


Our Decontamination Service Meets High Standards

iQ Medical Ltd offers a complete, in-house pressure care thermo-chemical decontamination service, for NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare sectors throughout the UK.

With recently renovated and upgraded facilities, iQ Medical Ltd in Rugby, Warwickshire, provides a central base for the cleaning and decontamination of medical equipment.

iQ Medical demands the highest standards for our customers, therefore we ensure regular internal and external audits of our decontamination practices take place and are documented, to ensure these standards are maintained and certified.

Our Decontamination Suite includes:

A full decontamination suite with highly trained and motivated operatives completing hands-on manual cleaning and decontamination of cushion and mattress internals, and pumps.

The use of a one-way system and fully segregated areas throughout the decontamination process, to prevent cross contamination, with separated dirty and clean entrances and storage areas.

Product decontamination with a specialist non-tainting high level bactericidal, steriliser and cleaner, eliminating the use of harsh bleaching agents.

Thermal disinfection of mattress covers in a dedicated laundry area.

A purpose built, bespoke onsite mattress drying room, enabling a rapid equipment turnaround reducing equipment downtime.

The use of fully segregated areas throughout the decontamination process, to prevent cross contamination, with separated dirty and clean entrances and storage areas.

Collection and return of mattress systems by our own decontaminated vehicles ensuring segregation of clean and dirty systems.

Certifications – ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016